Frequently asked questions

Where to Park?

As you come into Manapouri drive straight down to the harbour area on the main road in from Te Anau.  You will normally see Diane in uniform waiting for you there.  If there are more than one of you in the party you may wish to pull over into one of the bays and unload your luggage and have someone stay with the bags whilst you go and park.

Follow the road around – it goes up a hill and then you will find access to a parking bay area where you can park for free overnight.  Please make sure you securely lock your vehicle before departing.

There is a footpath that leads back down to the harbour area.  Approximately 3 – 5 minute walk. 

Diane will then show you to the jetty where you can board for your lifetime experience to begin! 


Just let us know if you have any dairy, gluten, nut or any allergies or intolerances you have before you join us so we can cater for you specifically.

Please ensure you tell us if you have any shellfish allergies as crayfish is one of the things we offer as a meal and we will make special provision for you. 

We do recommend that you bring any medication that you may need in the unlikely event of you needing assistance.  If you think there is something that one of our crew need to know with regards to medical aid please let us know as we are happy to help. 

An unforgettable 22 hours.
  • An unforgettable 22 hours.
Deep Cove Charters
5/5 TripAdvisor review

This was an unforgettable 22 hours. Kayaking in the sound with dolphins, swimming in the Sound (a tad chilly), catching our tea (delicious blue cod) supplemented by an excellent venison casserole, hauling in crayfish for the next cruise's lunch and spotting seals and penguins.

Elmandarino, Cambs – March 2016.