Great things being said about Deep Cove Charters

From the one-time trippers to the keep-coming-back-for-mores, here are a few of the very nice things you have to say about us and our cruises.
I update these from the visitor book and Tripadvisor (when I get a chance to get it off of the boat!). Cheers, Di

"Magical! This was the highlight of our trip to the South Island! Although, the drive to Milford Sound was breathtaking and the cruise around Milford was amazing, Doubtful Sound was magical. As a wonderful host at one of our bed and breakfasts said: " Milford Sound is breathtaking, but Doubtful Sound is Soultaking"."
March 2019 - Margie F. Houston

"Stunning comfortable trip with expert crew. This overnight trip on Doubtful Sound was the highlight of our trip to New Zealand. The boat is small (10-12 passengers) yet has comfortable, even spacious eating and sleeping quarters. Chris and his crew provided a wealth of information about the Sound and the area - they are experts. We had so much fun fishing, kayaking, and watching the spectacular sound with its shining waters and dramatic cliff faces. We saw dolphins, albatross and caught blue cod and perch. The food is good, the company great and we did not want to leave. This is a much better choice than the larger boats to discover this out-of-the-way treasure."
- February 2019 - Kay Estey, San Francisco, Calfornia.

"This particular cruise will stay with you for the rest of your life! The advantage of booking with this company is that it is small and personal. Chris, the Captain, is passionate about this environment and he will go to great lengths to share his knowledge with you and ensure you see everything that nature will let you see from Dolphins to Seals, Cray fishing to Line fishing for your supper, the history of the Sound. You will not be disappointed if you book with Deep Cove Charters - Enjoy."
- January 2019 - Julian M.

"Amazing Cruise! This will be the best souvenir of our trip. Chris knows where to take us to see the best of the Doubtful Sound: birds, dolphins, seal...We fished blue cods and crabs and we had the pleasure of eating them. Those who wish can do kayak and swim. I strongly recommend."
January 2019 - Andreed - Rosemont, Canada

"Trip of a Lifetime! - What a brilliant team - from booking with Diane through to hosting by skipper Chris and his crew (Travis and Tracey) we could not have asked for more. ... Chris' experience and knowledge made us all feel safe and in good hands. His knowledge of the area and it's history make for a delightful experience.

The Seafinn is a great boat for this type of adventure with plenty of room and different spaces for all requirements. Compact but very comfortable cabins. Food that was just divine and always something on offer what ever the time of day!
There is something for everyone from just enjoying the scenery through to kayaking and fishing.

Whatever the weather this is a must do trip and our thanks to Chris and his team for making it such a wonderful experience. Cannot recommend Deep Cove Charters highly enough. Thank you!"
- January 2019 - Derek - Wellington, New Zealand

"Best experience of our 10 day trip to South Island.  Travelled with two other couples. We unanimously agree this was the highlight of our vacation. An outstanding experience. Great food share family style around the table, breathtaking scenery and unbelievable wildlife encounters. Chris and Travis were perfect hosts and the small-group made the whole thing feel intimate. Great value for money. Worth every cent and more."
- November 2018, Patrick D.

"Just the most memorable experience despite the wet weather. In fact because of the rain - so many waterfalls. Awesome! And we were looked after so well. Thanks you."
March 2018, Steve + Mo Lawrence, Australia

"Incredible experience!! We almost didn't book the overnight cruise and we are so glad we did. The views, food and company were fantastic! Thank you for such an incredible day/night. We will never forget it."
March 2018, Molly and Cody, USA

"Everything and more that our friends back in England said it would be.  A truly unforgettable experience.  Thank you Chris, Travis and fellow passengers."
March 2018, Ruth + Dave Patten, UK

"Absolutely wonderful excursion. The rain & mist just added to the beauty and the waterfalls were georgeous. Loved Travis' cooking."
February 2018, Texas & Tennessee, USA

"A gorgeous & otherworldly slice of our planet. Thank you Chris + Travis for hosting + guiding us so generously!"
February 2018, Diane + Sean Morrison, Canada

"Thank you Chris for a wonderful experience on Doubtful Sound. So happy we chose your company for the cruise. I can't wait to tell about the shark I caught while fishing."
February 2018, Christine Henkel, USA

"Unforgettable trip. Great food and accommodation.
February 2018, Marlene + Malcolm, UK

"What a spectacular trip! We're so glad that we took this cruise. Great food. Great scenery. Great hospitality. Thank you."
February 2018, Michele + Gord, Canada

"Thank you for a beautiful experience. The scenery is amazing. We appreciate your generous hospitality."
January 2018, Jim + Lace Honert, USA

January 2018, Jon + Mike, New Zealand

"Thank you for a wonderful trip, Laura caught her first blue cod! It was a highlight of our New Zealand adventure."
January 2018, Samuel + Laura, UK

"It has been a wonderful trip. Amazing skipper and staff. We enjoyed very much."
January 2018, Effy + Joseph, Israel

"Amazing trip. Thanks for helping us catch a shark."
December 2017, Kate + KC, NYC

December 2017, Quynh, Macao

"Awesome trip! Lots of fun and photos."
December 2017, Monchi, Hong Kong

"Great experience thank you."
November 2017, Robert + Myke, The Netherlands

"Magical place, great company, fantastic crew. Wonderful thanks."
November 2017, Bob + Lindsay, Scotland

"The most wonderful experience in NZ! Captain Chris made it so special."
November 2017, Xavier, Barcelona

"Fantastic experience being back to nature."
March 2017, Graeme, UK

"Breath-takingly beautiful - Awesome views, great crew, fabulous food & the most relaxing time in NZ>"
March 2017, Rota + Marco, Australia

"Thank you for an incredibly marvelous trip. Perfect weather."
March 2017, Karin + Bernhard, Germany

"Great time kayaking and fishing. Amazing scenery and really very well looked after."
March 2016, Simon + Kath Stephens, Wiltshire, UK

"Fascinating, fun adventure. Thank you Chris + Tracy."
March 2016, Randall + Carolyn, Noosa, Australia

"Incredible experience & place that exceeds all expectations. Awesome personalized service."
March 2016, Debbie Clarke, NZ

"It was SUPER!"
March 2016, Lodewijk + Nina, The Netherlands

"Absolute magic! Thank you for an unforgettable experience."
February 2016, PK + Chris Walzer, Vienna, Austria

"What a great adventure. Thank you Chris and Tracy."
February 2016, Janet + Greg, USA

"Chris made us feel welcome, a lovely boat and great food."
February 2016,Lesley Buckwell, UK

"Great trip in an amazing place."
February 2016, Paul + Gemma, Bermuda

"We won't forget this tour."
January 2016, Jackie + Michael, USA

"No words! Simply thank you so much Chris & Clara."
January 2016, Rob + Leonie Zadow, Australia

"Thanks for a great trip.The landscape was beautiful and the food was great. Seeing the dolphins was a highlight! Thanks Chris & Clara."
January 2016, Fran + Ali, London UK

"A highlight of our trip to NZ. You do a fabulous trip. Thanks."
January 2016, Susan + Tony, Canada

"Awesome!!! the perfect set up to spend the last day of 2015......"
December 2015, Marianne + Asgar, Netherlands

"We loved your personal touch and warm hospitality. Thank you for an unforgettable experience."
December 2015, Family Dejaeghere, Belgium

"Amazing experience - loved every minute, food, scenery, staff, company, fishing."
December 2015, Pendry + Jack, USA

"An amazing trip with stunning scenery + wildlife. Perfect weather! ...& georgous food - loved the crayfish + catching our own dinner. Best trip in NZ yet - Thanks a mill."
December 2015 Di + Richard, UK

"Genius trip! I'm gonna work on getting new mates so I can recommend this trip to more people!"
November 2015, Kurt McManus, NZ

"Thank you Chris + Kit for a truly memorable trip on Doubtful Sound + for the extra experiences of catching our own cod for supper + seeing the crayfish pots being hauled up. Fantastic scenery + wonderful wildlife. What more could we want! will be back. Thanks again."
November 2015, Ian + Margaret Dunn, UK

"Thank you for the trip.  Food was delicious. Even we could catch it on our own!"
November 2015, Marina + Roman, Switzerland

"An absolutely trip of a lifetime. Many thanks for the crayfish and hospitality."
November 2015, Tilly + Grant, Queenstown NZ

"Thank you for all of your extra time and effort in helping us see more and do more.  A truly wonderful experience."
March 2015, Maureen + Kenton Klassen, Canada

"Excellent trip, Excellent staff, so glad we chose this boat!!!"
March 2015, Abe + Kellie, NZ/UK

"Perfect Trip."
March 2015 Fritz + Rita, Netherlands

"Absolutely Incredible time. Amazing food, fishing, boat, scenery. Chris + Tracy were awesome!"
March 2015, JR + Annette, Australia/NZ

"From the moment Diane picked us up and all throughout the next 24 hrs we were treated so well. Best days of our NZ trip.  Thank you!"
February 2015, Janice + Tory,USA

February 2015, Super tramp men, NZ

"Highlight of NZ experience"
February 2015, George + Sue, USA

"An Adventure"
February 2015, Christine, Wales UK

"An unforgettable experience, the perfect way to experience the Fiord's + NZ ! Loved every moment."
January 2015, Gianluca, Australia

"Chris + Tracy, you didn't make the Doubtful Sound, but you made us have a perfect time!"
January 2015, Hendrik, Germany

"Thank you very much. It was a very nice experience. We really enjoyed the crayfish and "Shark fishing". We will keep that in our mind!!!"
January 2015, Celine + Arnaud, French Alps

"Thank you very much for a fabulous experience. It was the highlight of our holiday in NZ. Thank you Chris + Kate."
January 2015, Simone + Max, Spain

"The most amazing way to see in the New Year."
December 2014, Liz + Ronan, Jersey

"Gorgeous + Awesome."
December 2014, Doreen, Germany

"Amazing!! Thank you for hosting our wedding on your awesome boat xxx"
December 2014, Sally + Ross Taylor, NZ

"Such amazing experience and best trip we did in New Zealand. Great people and we will come back if we are in NZ again! Thanks alot."
December 2014, Joelle + Mattias, Switzerland

"Great experience, Good company, Good times !!"
November 2014, Derek + Sandy Hall, NZ

"3rd trip, this time in stormy weather, breathe taking waterfalls, thanks Chris"
November 2014, Marlene + David, Switzerland

"Marvelous trip in marvelous weather! Thanks Chris + Kate for the company."
November 2014, Renee + Jean-Lucas, Luxembourg

"Our 2nd time here in 7 years.  Once again SPECTACULA."
November 2014, Murry + Ruthann Hall, Canada

"Come and see us ! Keep hunting - beautiful experience Thank you"
March 2014, The Denshaws, UK

"Thank you, Thank you, this trip was the highlight of our vacation"
March 2014, Chris + Tony Panero, USA

"Thanx very much, it was fun! I love George"
March 2014 Daisy [age 10] Mansfield, Australia

"Magical mystery tour! At every point Tracy and Chris managed tp pull something out of the bag! Loved their enthusiasm and gusto amidst these magnificent sounds. Thank you ! Arohanui.
March 2014, Alix, Peggy, Carol, NZ

"Absolutely a fantastic overnight trip. I did the first one in Jan 2010 & cane back for another one: this time with our daughter!.
March 2014, Arty + Mieke Coppes, Canada

"Aivan loistavaa! Huippumiehisto."
February 2014, Katie + Yka, Finland + Spain

"Thank you for a wonderful trip- it was so beautiful at Doubtful Sound. Thank you for finding a penguin."
February 2014, Mette, Lars, Emil,Bjark + Luna, Denmark

"Excellent cruise, excellent hosts! Have never seen such attentive and hard workers as Chris + Tracy. Thank you !!"
February 2014, Dick + Marti Piesch, USA

"Amazing overnight adventure. Speechless!!!"
February 2014, Tina Chan, USA

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful boat and 'back yard' with us! This will be a trip to remember always."
January 2014, Danny+ Tara, Canada

"A lifetime experience."
January 2014, Frigyes, Hungry

"It was so beautiful."
January 2014, Martin + Regula, Germany

"Wonderful crew AWESOME!"
January 2014, Ann + Tom Picket, Scotland

"Thanks so much for the incredible journey."
December 2013, Julie + Nicolas, France

"Thank you so much for the amazing and wonderful trip, we have never experienced anything like this before! we'll be sure to be back in the near future!"
December 2013, Ezekiel Family, Singapore

"Well, What shall we say.  I gues we got the best day of the month and we had the best of al. Kayaking with the dolphins and Gabi took care of the fish for dinner. Thanks for a very personal experience Chris + Kate."
December 2013, Tobi + Gabi, Switzerland

"What a fantastic way to spend Christmas. Thank you and all the best for the New Year."
December 2013, John + Nancy, USA

"I enjoyed it so much I'm back for trip #4."
March 2013, BOB, NZ

"What a wonderful experience! We don't care about the weather and had a lovely time! Thanks a lot!"
March 2013, Thomas $ Nina, Frankfurt Germany

"Fantastic!! Thanks so much, Chris + Tracy.  Especially for catching a 2m shark!"
March 2013, Tom & Christine, California, USA

"Chris & Tracy, thank you for the beautiful cruise and the food, thanks to Jean Paul, who give us your name the sun went on shining when we are on board and all was perfect.  The Albatross was the king."
March 2013, Koos, Ineke, Henk, Annie, The Netherlands

"You can't beat perfection.  Thanks."
February 2013, David & Heather, UK

"Thanks a lot! Good swims, good eats."
February 2013, Mike & Gerard, Ireland

"Breathtaking! Thank you for everything!"
February 2013, Therese & Rolf, Tann, Switzerland

"A sprinkling of Chris and Tracy with a big helping of Doubtful Sound make this a truly magical experience.  Thank you so much."
February 2013, Carol, UK

"Feel truly blessed to experience paradise with such a wonderful group."
February 2013, Jen & Neil, Australia

"Great experience - fantastic scenery with good company.  Next time we might see the 'Red Deer' !"
January 2013, Zoe & Richard, Jersey Channel Islands

"Thanks for sharing your passion(s) with us - and have Steve catch a shark - he will remember forever! Authentic cruise!"
January 2013, Sarah & Steve, Anterp Blegium

"Crayfish, dolphins, albatross, perch, sushi fish, barracuda, blue cod, pink fishy bait, great meals, great information, great company, great fun.  Many thanks! Oh! and octopus and carpets shark!"
January 2013, Steve & Sarah, Arizona USA

"Only one word to describe this trip - EPIC!! - Thank you so much - Unforgettable.  Best trip ever !!"
January 2013, Carol & Bruce, Oxted Surrey UK

"It doesn't get better than this....."
January 2013, Jim & Joyce, LilliPilli Australia

"Had a wonderful time.  Chris & Travis went above and beyond to make our trip enjoyable.  Thanks for the crayfish.  Happy New Year."
December 2012, Christina and Family, Sligo Ireland

"Thanks a lot for a perfect Xmas dream.  It was like being with family in wonderland!!! Thanks for the amazing food, the memories and your passion that you shared with us! Hope to join you again."
December 2012, Fanny & Andi, Vienna Austria

"Awesome! priceless experience! We really had a wonderful time.  Thank you very much Chris & Travis.  We'll be back with our kids."
December 2012, Hakim & Su, Singapour

"We loved this adventure.  Thanks to Chris & Travis. Great food, great fishing great fun! So genuine."
December 2012, Cathy & Jerry, Alberta Canada

"Wonderful views & waterfalls, Great food & crew.  Thanks Chris & Tracy!"
November 2012, Roxanne & Pete, San Francisco, USA

"Thanks Chris & Tracy - Just an awesome experience in an outstanding pert of our country. Aotearoa. Thanks."
November 2012, Mark, Auckland NZ

"Thank you, it was amazing two days beautiful for our honeymoon! Merci !!"
November 2012, Laura & Vianney, France

"Highlight of our holidays so far ! Nice scenery, great hospitality & most of all will not forget the crayfish lunch and dinner!!"
November 2012, Ismail & Family, Singapore

"Magnificent trip, unparalleled scenery, perfect environment to enjoy it & catch fish. 2nd time for me, planning a 3rd.  Thanks Chris ,Travis & Di."
September 2012, Peter & Michelle, Auckland NZ

"Brilliant trip kayaking.  Absolutely wonderful."
March 2012, Nicky & John Hinde, Kingston, UK

"Can't find the words to describe how wonderful our trip on the Seafinn was.  Chris & Tracy provided an awesome time.  We loved the bottle-nose dolphins, penguins, fishing & kayaking.  Ultimately we want to hijack you and your boat ! We LOVE Doubtful Sound.  Diane was most excellent with the booking too!"
March 2012, Davis Curran + Bridget Marick, Fruita, Colorado, USA

"Fantastic time, Best meal in NZ, thanks for the great info and brilliant weather."
March 2012, Nicola & Peter, Botswana

"One of the best experiences of our lives.  Spectacular scenery. Marvelous crew. Abundant food - freshly caught and prepared.  God Bless you Chris, Diane and Tracy."
March 2012, Jean & louina Engela, Adelaide, Australia

"We had a choice & we took the best! What fun we had, especially the last 2 sharks !! Fabulous experience.  Thanks so much."
February 2012, Elaine & Eric, Huntly NZ

"It was worth the "6" hours drive & no sleep for 2 days. Fantastic weather, great crew, entertainment & food.  We had a fantastic time and the best sleep in two weeks!!!!"
February 2012, Nadia & Claude, Basel, Switzerland

"A must see. must do and this ONLY way was with Deep Cove Charters.  One of life's real highlights."
February 2012, Bill & Millie Moore, Oregon, USA

"Back again - 4th time.  Wonderful as always WOW ! !"
February 2012, Adrian & Sue Sullivan, UK
(These guys are part of our family now and we love seeing them always, my turn at you place next though A + S.  take care always.  Di)

"Fabulous trip! Fishing, kayaking, swimming + piloting the boat !!! and the rain on the second day made me feel right at home. Thanks."
January 2012, Janet, Glasgow, Scotland

"We enjoyed every part of the trip and salute your hard work and devotion.  Cheers !"
January 2012, JF en MP, Montreal, Canada

"Everything included: seals, dolphins, fishing, penguins, great sunset and rise, great team.  Thank you Chris and Sarah."
January 2012, David & Heidi, Germany

"Without a doubt the 2 most relaxing days of our entire trip!! Thanks for an amazing, memorable time.  The food was sooo good, I'm sure we weigh more than when we arrived!"
January 2012, Nicola & John, Perth, Australia

"Chris you are amazing! We have so enjoyed our time here.  Thank you for sharing your world with us - loved the fishing and food."
December 2011, Richard & Christine Laws, Poole, Dorset, UK

"Thank you for a memorable trip into the sound, I am so impressed! the scenery amazing, adorable penguins, outstanding food, comfortable accommodation... I could keep going!! thank you for a great time."
December 2011, Denise + Suzanne Lawe, Jamaica

"Everything was amazing.  Tell the shark we wish him well."
December 2011, Jeremy & Stephanie Bovan, Hawaii, USA

"We had a perfect "PRIVATE" doubtful sound tour.  Caught fish, had a great dinner, laughs and a perfect warm welcome and stay on the Seafinn.  Never knew the night is so dark and Quiet.  Kerstin, Chris and Cody, thanks a lot if you visit Holland be welcolme."
December 2011, Jose & Frank Doevendaus, "s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

"C'etait PARFAIT! It was perfect, beautiful, amazing! Thank you sooo much."
December 2011, Elise Fleury, France

"Wonderful weather, delicious food and big fishes to catch! The kayak tour was breathtakingly amazing." Christmas eve.
December 2011, Beatrice & Martin, Switzerland

"A very well maintained boat with a passionate crew.  They are very knowledgeable about the sound and kept us well informed.  Great service, kiwi hospitality at its best!."
November 2011, Danny Chew + family, Malaysia

"Rain, hail, snow but it was amazing.  Lots of fish and glorious scenery.  We'll be back.  Thanks Chris, Travis and Diane."
November 2011, Greg & Cheryl Morvell, Australia

"What can we say.. everyone in the book has already said it.  Thanks for everything, "Memories"."
November 2011, Jean & Gerald, Doncaster, England

"this was wonderful.  Your country is beautiful, the food was great and I loved the fishing too.  You are very kind and I appreciate you knowledge and skill."
November 2011, Strat & Jodie, USA

"Absolutely amazing, worth every cent."
October 2011, Shannon Mills, Bumpass, VA, USA

October 2011, Sam Murphy, Wiamate, NZ

"We want your job!!! Thanks for a great time; wonderful venison Travis and very informative commentary."
March 2011, Brian & Elizabeth Adams, Australia

"Loved every minute of our trip. Chris & Kerstin were fantastic.  Going to suggest the trip to everyone we know. A must do in NZ."
March 2011, Dan & Pernilla, England & Sweden

"Wow! We had the best weather & sights - Thanks so much for sharing us the fiords!"
March 2011, Kate Range & Fernande, USA & Argentina

"This trip exceeded our expectations and was the highlight of our NZ month. Great crew Dan & Tracy."
March 2011, Ron & Linda Craven, Vancouver Island, Canada

"Magnificent trip!!!! Thank you for a wonderful time - Chris & Kerstin."
February 2011, Matt & Angela Hill, Esperance, Western Australia

"Thank you for a wonderful trip.  'My dream come true'."
February 2011, Kyoko, Japan

"We had a blast! Brilliant food, people & scenery.  Pure dead brilliant."
February 2011, Chris & Kate, Scotland

"Thank you for a great time.  The hospitality was amazing.  Thank you for the fishing lesson."
February 2011, Liat & Liron, Isreal

"Fishing, Kayaking, rain, sun seals fabulous food + wine - what more could we ask for?! Thank you Dan + Travis p.s AND we just saw the dolphins ! AMAZING!."
February 2011, Clare & Marcel, Sutton Coldfield, UK

"FANTASTIC! Nothing like waking up to a pod of dolphins and a glorious sky. A truly magical experience."
February 2011, Gid & Nita, Neponsit, NY, USA

"Wow! Dolphins on the bow, Fishing on the stern and great views port and starboard.  Thanks for the amazing experience."
January 2011, The Bergmark Family, Sydney, Australia

"Beautiful! Much better than Milford Sound!  The food was wonderful. We got the best of both worlds: rain at the beginning (waterfalls) then the sun in the evening.  Very peaceful.  Just wonderful!!"
January 2011, Los Alamas, NM, USA

"Thank you for an unforgettable day & night on the sound! Dan & Travis did a great job: Johnny I loved celebrating our engagement here !!!"
January 2011, Anna & Jonathan, Auckland via Chicago

"Perfect weather, great scenery, awesome fishing and great food! Thanx Dan and Travis for this unforgettable trip in Fiordland's nature!"
January 2011, Andrea & Roman, Gieshal, Switzerland

"EPIC Possibly the most memorable 24 hours of our trip to Middle Earth.  Thought I saw Gandalf in the bushes, will have to come back another time to check.  See you again - and special thanks to Travis & Dan."
January 2011, Anna & Hugh, Melbourne, Australia

"We had a wonderful time - Great place for our honeymoon!! Thanks a lot!"
December 2010, Corinna & Frank, Germany

"Our mission to see penguins, catch a fish and eating it and do some kayaking is accomplished!"
December 2010, Peter & Rianne, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"Awesome trip, catching the 4ft shark was the highlight of my NZ trip.  Lovely food, Thanks Travis and Dan!"
December 2010, Maddie & Julia, Kent, England

"Sweet As!! Amazing time. Thx Dan & Trav."
December 2010. Jessica & Matt, Brooklyn, NY, USA

"Doubtful Sound has the heart of a man, the soul of a poet and the smile of a kid, and the food is awesome! Great company."
December 2010, Valerie Goiset, Port-Vila, Vanuatu

"Chris & Kerstin looked after us wonderfully - scenery and wildlife superb."
November 2010, Graem & Helen Richardson, Melbourne, Australia

"Unforgettable trip, wonderful view, nice food, fun fishing... Thankyou."
November 2010, Evinne Chen, Taipei, Taiwan

"Thanks for the great experience with fantastic views, very entertaining activities (first time fishing) and the very personal atmosphere!"
November 2010, Miriam & Bjorn, Hamburg, Germany

"What fun! Thanks so much for the kayaking, view, swimming, fishing and laughs."
November 2010, Meg & Andy, Midlands Austin Texas, USA

"Fantastic experience and people."
November 2010, Michele & Philippi, Germany/France

"A lifetime of magnificent memories in one of the most beautiful places on earth-Chris, Travis were the most hospitable of hosts-Our thanks."
October 2010, Noel & Helen, Brisbane, Australia

"Great experience, loved every second.  Thanks Chris, Travis, Dan & Diane for making this possiable."
October 2010, Carol & Warren Grant, Menzies Creek, Australia

"Thanks a lot for the amazing trip, we enjoyed everything, dolphins, penguins, crayfish, deer and the fishing and of course Chris and Kerstin!"
October 2010, Jaimey Jeroen, Holland

""Totally amazing-fantastic experience.  Thank you Chris, Diane & Tracy."
April 2010, Rafer & Claire Gluyas, Sydney, Australia

"Awesome experience - Love to see it in the sun!!"
April 2010, Anne & Drew Jamison, Boston, USA

"First rate! What an intimate experience on a small boat just what we were looking for.  Loved eating from the land and sea.  Thank you both."
March 2010, Jon & Kathy Long, Sacramento,CA, USA

"Exceeded our expectations.  We loved the frolicking seals and the swooping albatrosses.
March 2010, Sue & Chris Ronald, New York, USA

"Well we were told to have mist and sun, which we got.  Mystical and mysterious favoured by magical!  We were very well looked after."
March 2010, Clare & David, UK living in New Zealand

"What can we say...we had the boat to ourselves, caught fish, ate crayfish and enjoyed the atmospheric and truly wonderful scenery?  Thank you Diane, Chris and Travis for a wonderful trip xxx."
March 2010, Bex & Jim, Reading, UK

"Thanks a lot for the fantastic day with so much impressions for us!"
March 2010, Anja & Wolfram, Munich, Germany

"Two days in paradise, thanks heaps Chris & Travis."
March 2010, Ruth & Ron Fisher, Melbourne, Australia

"Fantastic in everyway hospitality, scenery lots to see, great food and company.  Many thanks Chris & John.
Feb 2010, Shirley & David Jack, Coventry, England

"What a brilliant trip - a great experience, homely, friendly and personal service.  Thanks John and Tracy.  We will be back (might even stow away under your seats)."
Feb 2010, Norman &Eileen Denning, Thailand

"Wonderful/spectacular visual feast even in the rain.  Good food & great hospitality.  Thanx would highly recommend."
Feb 2010, Kerry & Mark, Scotland

"Thanks for the nice trip."
Feb 2010, Thomas Kruyswijh, The Netherlands

"Thank you for a great trip."
Feb 2010, Tanja & Emile, Sweeden

"It was really great, when you are in Holland, come and visit out boat!"
Feb 2010, Petra & Cees, The Netherlands

"Fantastic trip, beautiful place.  Great fishing caught my first barracuda + blue cod! Excellent guide by the way Chris, and great food - chef - Travis.  Many tanks xx."
Feb 2010 Janet & Bob Boulton, Preston, England

"Awe inspiring, humbling experience.  Thanks so much (best fish I ever caught)
Feb 2010, Annette & Cris Edward, Dyserth, Wales

"Thank you Chris and Travis.  New boat is great!"
Feb 2010, Kath & Georgia, Australia (ex NZ)

"It was the best thing we could do for our last days in NZ - Thank you!! Great trip and crew and fantastic boat!!"
January 2010, Sille & Jesper, Denmark

"A great time on a beautiful boat, friendly and hopeful staff.  Fishing was fantastic thanks a lot!!"
Janauary 2010, Mieke & Maria, The Netherlands

"A great boat, great food, excellent fishing - love the change in the weather - best waterfalls."
January 2010, Harvey Family, Australia

"This was the highlight of our trip to New Zealand, I was hoping for permanent residency onboard.  Thank you so much."
January 2010, Jim & Bonnie Efststion, Hawaii

"Very good ship, the roof is as waterproof as the rest of it.  Nice trip the food is wonderful."
January 2010, Ad &Truus, The Netherlands

"Fantastic way to start the New Year, I LOVE Doubtful Sound - Thankyou."
January 2010, Jan Raymond, UK

"I caught a shark!! And Ryan caught our dinner! An incredible trip, only wish we'd booked for 5 night.  Thanks for the fantastic tour, good fishing & great food."
December 2009, Suze & Ryan

"Great time, peaceful sleep! fun fishing & enjoyable company. Thanks!."
December 2009, Dan & Michelle Arnell, Auckland/London

"Thanks for an amazing experience!! Dolphins, seals, penguins and... sharks! Dreams comes true."
December 2009, Liat & Daniel Campbell, Israel

"What a fantastic way to see Doubtful Sound! Marvelous hospitality from Chris & Travis and great company from others onboard. Loved the penguins, dolphins, birds & wonderful waterfalls!! Many thanks."
December 2009 The Murray's & McKay's, Scotland

"My second time here. I really enjoyed the new boat! I thought I would never beat my last trip here, but this time was every bit as good, great to meet Travis-you guys make a good team, I will return."
November 2009, Rick Vandertie

"Wonderful trip - very good company and food. Enjoyed the fishing."
November 2009, Anne & Chris Wallen, Portugal

"Great experience for us from the other side of the world. We have learned alot about the nature, fish. Super cuisine and crew on a perfect ship."
November 2009, Doris & Eric Sondergaard, Denmark

"Thank you Chris for your knowledge & stories& Travis for the fine cuisine! I loved it!!."
October 2009, Cathe Madison, USA

"It should be every living males duty to at least once in his lifetime experience this - AWESOME!!."
October 2009. Malcolm Little, NZ

"Unexpected splendor, wonderful trip in a sound boat. Thanks Guys."
September 2009, David & Vivienne Lucas. Austrailia

"An absolutely fabulous experience- Lord of the Rings + Jurrasic Park all rolled into one with some wonderful fishing, crayfish, dolphins & penguins. Great trip and more than we expected."
July 2009, Wallenberg family, USA

"What a fabulous part of the world. Keep it a secret if you can. Chris you are a wonderful captain - WE FELT AT HOME."
June 2009, Mary & Terry Harrison, NZ

"Over the top!!! Thanks for doing such a great job of sharing your paradise with us."
March 2009, Doug & Donna, USA

"We've had a wonderful time on this trip. Good crew and they made sure we were taken care of and comfortable. The whole experience was beyond expectations and scenery unbelievable!"
March 2009, Julie & Doug Busch, USA

"Chris is my Captain Cook!! (No "Doubt"), Chris the sailor, Chris the fisherman, Chris the chef, Chris the dishwasher, Chris the photographer, Chris the tour guide, Go Chris!! Chris never sleeps - CITI.
February 2009, Tak & Amii, Tokoyo, Japan

"Chris & Son thanks a lot for the great experience in Doubtful Sound. Something we will not forget."
February 2009, Sabrine & Jorrit Rector, Holland

"I was recommended this trip, and what a recommendation!! Thanks very much for your great hospitality + great trip.!"
January 2009, Helen Thorpe

"The Dolphins stole the show."
January 2009, Dianne Richards, UK

"Thank you for a phenomenal time!!! Chris and Travis were grand."
January 2009, Kim Harris, Alaska, USA

"Great having the boat to ourselves, thank you for the fantastic experience."
December 2008, Matt & Emma Betts, Kent, England

"Thank you Chris for a wonderfully relaxing experience - despite the rain and cloud we had a great time - especially catching our dinner. Next time i will have to hold onto the shark!!"
December 2008, Haitham & Aira, Hong Kong, China

"We had a fabulous, relaxing time aboard your beautiful boat. Great fishing experience and in general just what we needed to wind down, and enjoy great food. Thanks for the warm welcome!"
December 2008 Adrian & Elise, Belgium

"Thanks Chris and Travis, fantastic hosts. Nice clean boat and terrific food."
November 2008, Phillip & Katerina, Switzerland

"Best trip ever!! Our honeymoon was joined by 10 other best friends & between the rainbows, fishing, waterfall drink, dolphins, dancing, lobster holding, penguins, sunshine & the freshest food ever we laughed and enjoyed the circle of life!"
November 2008, Sarah & Nat Cook, Australia & Canada

"So Amazing! absolutely lost it when I saw the dolphins...one of the coolest moments EVA! Thanks for everything."
November 2008, Jo Ross, Vancouver, Canada

"Absolutely wonderful trip - amazing scenery, wildlife & Service. Was a great way to spend out first wedding anniversary - Thankyou."
October 2008, Andrew & Jo Roper, Reading, UK

"Unbelievable way to see Doubtful Sound. Penguins, dolphins, seals - we saw it all. Food and Chris was top notch."
October 2008, Richard & Noreen, South Africa

"1st onboard SEAFINN, enjoyed a boat to ourselves, fantastic!!!!"
1 October 2008, Sarah & Dwayne

"Out of this world!!"
May 2007, Dave & Sue Cameron, Invercargill NZ

"Found and been on a trip of a life time. Keep the memories of an awesome, unique day and night out in the sea forever. First time fishing for us - what good fun. Spoilt with five star cuisine and an incredibly hospitality of the multi- talented Chris! TXS."
March 2007, Corinne & Patrick, Zurich Switzerland

"I told you I would be back! Absolutely fantastic trip & will be back again when you get the next boat to christen it with more wine! Lovely welcome party with the dolphins! Still on the lookout for a deer...awesome fishing. Thanks so much Chris, Diane & Travis."
March 2007, Di De Thabrew, Chipping Warden UK

"The most beautiful scenery, splendid isolation & fantastic fun + food. An experience never forgotten."
February 2007, David & Shirley Russell, York UK

"Sublime scenery, delicious food, wonderful wildlife, swimming in the sound, great fishing tutor and host. Thanks Chris - this was the best."
February 2007, Hilary & Imelda, Sydney Australia

"A great fun, relaxing adventure. Chris was a great teacher and host - Thanks! Kia Ora."
January 2007, John & Michele Weddle, Minnetonka, MN, USA

"Long after we are back in the rat race that is Auckland & when we are older and grayer we will treasure the memories of this magical journey which exceeded all expectations. Thanking you so much Chris for making it possiable."
January 2007, David & Caroline English, Auckland, New Zealand

"It is the best ever trip I have done. We meet superman, Chris and a very nice couple. It will be a great 'New Year Trip' in our memory. Happy New Year."
January 2007, Sung & Lorn Wu, Taiwan

"Amazing, what a wonderful experience, what a great time, even better company. Couldn't have been better. Thanks
December 2006, Sonia & Nicolas, Spain

"Wonderful place and wonderful trip. Thanks"
December 2006, Hrefna & Siggi, Iceland

December 2006, Sandra & Yael, Switzerland

"Mr Crayfish thanks for a Fabulous start of 2007"
New years eve December 2006, Kim & Sven, Holland

"Great to see the sounds this way, dolphins swimming, seals sunbathing, penguins looking back (who is looking at who?). Fishing was a great experience and we even caught many fish! (even sharks!!). Thanks Chris for sharing your boat and experience with us. We will recommend this trip to everyone!
November 2006, Bas and Margreet, Netherlands

"We've had the most fantastic + wonderful time! Chris is superman - he sails the boat, fishes, tour guides, cooks, house keeps, takes photos + still has time for a laugh + a chat. A totally fabulous experience that we will never forget. A huge thanks. Slainte. (Thanks to Diane also - though working in the wings not forgotten)."
November 2006, Mary & Jez Cowley, Ireland\UK

"Thank you so much for a fantastic trip! Loved the views of falls in the rain, the big feed of crayfish, venison and cod! look out for that eel in future! all the best."
November 2006, Amy & Mike, Sydney

"Many thanks for that great trip! How time flies when having fun."
November 2006, Frank & Brigitte, Germany

"Melbourne Derek, Margaret & Peter have said it all, but I must have my sixpence! Chris has created this experience for us, his personal input (there must be a better word!) has been terific. We've all had a very special time."
October 2006, Pat Rumbold, Australia

"What a superb cruise this has been!! never before in my 84 years have I spent a more enjoyable time - every hour brought wonderful sights and experiences being the scenery (unparalleled), Chris with his ever present energy, looking after us in so many ways with his expertise in boat handling, fishing, cooking (you name it). Thank you for all of it."
October 2006, Pat & Derek Rumbald, Melbourne Australia

"A superb trip - Rain, snow & sun in one day. NZ's very own No1 guide & operator. Well done Chris and Diane."
October 2006, Mark & Barb Mitchell, Hamilton NZ

"This was a great outing - A highlight of our vacation. Chris, you're a marvel to watch - Alone worth the price - Crayfish a bonus."
October 2006, Jody & Bob Palzer Ashland, Oregon USA

"We had a wonderful time, with great food, a lot of rain and plenty of wind. The penguins were a real bonus. We will spread the word! Thank you."
September 2006, Sigrid & Robert Lekkerkerk, Netherlands

"Thank you so much for the excellent trip - it's one to remember! Cheers."
September 2006, Karen Gough, Ireland-Aussie

"We returned to Re-Earth. Majestical place. Thanks Chris - we will return."
July 2006, John & Wendy, Lower Hutt,NZ

"This trip is how we will remember NZ. Beautiful, awesome, great fishing! good weather, great company, good food - what more could we ask for. Hope to see you again and send you some customers.
June 2006, Noel & Edith, Gold Coast, Australia

"Spectacular! One of the top experiences of our lifetime! I caught a shark!!! (Yeah she did!) skinny dipping with plankton is divine! Thank you!!!! Thank you so much!!!"
May 2006, Blair & Blood, USA

"Gorgeously intense trip, for whoever reads this - go night swimming! Sleeping on this trip is truly a waste of time"
May 2006, Roy Batist, Netherlands

"Awesome piece of NZ, great host & great cook - thanks for the taste of "Real" New Zealand. SharkHunter."
May 2006, Brett & Candy, West Australia

"Back again! Still fantastic. See you on the next one!! (2nd visit)
April 2006, Sophie, Belgium

"What a wonderful trip, such a marvelous host\cook\captain. We'll be back so Ash can catch his blue cod! You and your family are welcome to visit us anytime. Magical journey!!."
"Chris, if you and Diane can't visit us send over your sons. I'll take them skiing in the rockies. I'll get that blue cod next time."
April 2006, Victoria & Ash, Colorado

"Hey guys as always a pleasure - I take everything with me as I leave - thanks for being you and sharing with me the deep, the fun and most of all 'surfer boy'."
April 2006, the one and only KAZ, Ireland

"Can we stay here..? Amazing trip - couldn't be better. Great weather, great views. Chris you are an excellent cook and host. Thank you for a fun time fishing experience & pointing out deer on the mountains. Susanne says thanks for the chance to steer the boat and for the loan of your camera, as well. Thank you."
April 2006, Gitte & Susanne, Denmark

"Best birthday yet. Cheers Chris."
March 2006, Mark Wright

"Thank you Chris for the great effort to make our hunting & fishing on Flyer very enjoyable - a true Kiwi experience."
March 2006, Ian & Elinor, UK

"Thanks Chris, great trip, with the biggest octopus I've ever seen. Awesome trip - discovered a part of our own country that we'd only heard about - best holiday ever!"
March 2006, Lesley & Nick Coppell, Nelson NZ

"Just wonderful! not enough words existing to really describe the beauty of the trip, Thanks Chris."
March 2006, Daniela & Markus, Berlin Germany

"Absolutely the highlight of our trip to NZ or any trip we've taken anywhere!! We feel so fortunate to have been here with Chris. A great group of people & perfect weather!! the food was amazing, catching crays and fish! Chris we can't thank you enough!!! we'll recommend you to everyone. Cheers."
March 2006, Barbara & Bill Baker, Washington USA

"Majestic - Stunning - Beautiful Weather - Good Fishing. Thanks Chris."
March 2006, John Cotton, UK

"Chris you have a excellent office, but that doesn't stop you from working hard."
February 2006, Sean, Australia

"A most wonderful 24 hrs in al respects - heaven on earth!"
February 2006, Pat & Geraldine, Ireland

"We wanted to do something spectacular and we did with you! Masha donki!!!"
February 2006, Kodic & Kurt, Holland

"Chris & Diane, thank you both for this impressing and great trip in familiar atmosphere in the middle of fantastic nature!! We enjoyed this part of our honeymoon specially."
February 2006, Ester & Stephan, Switzerland

"As most have said before, a most wonderful trip, a memory that will last forever."
February 2006, Alison, UK

"Nice Shark!!!! Thanks."
February 2006, Benny & Susanne, Holland

"What a great 24 hours! Unbelievable fishing, food, weather, scenery, wildlife including Chris. Thanks Chris we loved it all."
February 2006, Kevin & Louise McDermott, Ireland

"We got everything in one package. Definitely the best trip to do."
February 2006, Marc & Judith, Netherlands

"I could start by saying the trip was magic, then rave on & on filling page after page with details, but really, pure magic. Many many thanks. UNGLAUBLICH (look it up)."
January 2006, Richard, Kiwi in Australia

"Doubtful Sound runs very deep! .... into the mystic."
January 2006, Chris, Canada

"You are marvelous."
January 2006, Elinor & Karsten, Holland

"A picture perfect paradise."
January 2006, A De Coster, France

January 2006, Tim, USA

"Excellent Dude! even in the rain."
January 2006, Jose, Canada

"More than I could have wished for."
January 2006, Chasity, USA

"The best New Years ever."
January 2006, Martin, Germany

"This beats Milford easily, a New Years never to forget."
January 2006, Margriet & Rita, Holland

"A piece of paradise."
December 2005, Mirijtm, Netherlands

"For a 'wee' bit of time we shared tranquility."
December 2005, Kadota family, USA

"We could have stayed forever."
December 2005, Naomi & Neil, UK

"8th wonder of the world - best Christmas gift."
December 2005, Jake & Michelle, NZ

"Won't Chris take us out for a month or two next time? We loved it."
December 2005, Bill & Melissa Mauro, USA

"To get to your boat we made a detour of 250 km. It was worth every kilometre."
November 2005, Roland & Marlie, The Hague - Holland

"Thanking you Chris, a truly extraordinary experience - sheesh - to see Doubtful Sound would make a believer out of an atheist - holy cow."
November 2005, Jim & Elizabeth Cupit, Aspen - USA

"There are no words to describe this experience."
November 2005, Sophie, Belgium

"Fantastic, thanks soo much not enough words to describe how fantastic, and awesome. Would do it again in a heartbeat."
November 2005, Yvaan (charlie) & Joy Adams, NZ

"Wow, I knew it would be great but this far exceeded our expectations. The fishing trip of a lifetime, with fantastic food & amazing company. Top skipper too!"
November 2005, Barrie & Sandi Smith, Bribie Island - Australia

"I didn't propose to my girlfriend here, but I wish I had! amazing trip. Thanks Chris."
October 2005, Jeff Wall & Katie Haun, Washington DC

"The most beautiful place to propose to your girlfriend, which I did!!! (and lucky for me she said YES) thank you Chris and Diane for this wonderful trip. It was a beautiful experience."
October 2005, Eric Spsma & Marita Vaucica, Amsterdam - Holland

"The best experience we've had, wonderful kiwi at its's best, all due to the unique Chris, who's never tired, always smiling 'merry go round' guy, thanks."
October 2005 Ronit & Adrian Shenar, Israel

"Thanks Chris - unforgettable trip to Dusky Sound etc - what else can we say?"
September 2005, Jack Frizzell and his 40th birthday team, NZ

"The best boat trip I've ever been on - the view serenity, company and food all fantastic!!!"
August 2005, Dan stolberg, Brisbane - QLD - Australia

" A magnificent trip and the weather Gods were kind."
May 2005, Jennie, Udo and Katrua Beneke, NZ

"Great cooking, beer, fishing & swimming, thanks."
April 2005, Teresa & Chris, UK

"Chris thanks for a fab day (and night)'you're a real hard case!' Fab fishing, fab views, fab food, fab company - just great."
April 2005, Helen & Janine, London UK

"I am already looking forward to lunch again. Thank you so much for a wonderful time. We will be back."
March 2005, Friedel & Sasha Hobrucker Berchtesgaden, Vancouver, San Francisco

"Truly wonderful, you need to be patented in the IK Chris, how do you do it all? I don't know! everything has been great. Your second skipper Sue."
March 2005, Sue Witherden, UK

"After 3 weeks of traveling as newlyweds in NZ, we finally had our breath taken away. Beautiful scenery & tons of fish. Thanks.
March 2005, Mark & Meghan Baldwin, USA

"What a special place on earth the 'Fjiordland' of yours, Chris! You are a man of many many talents with a grand zest for living! Jim and I will always remember this experience as the best of our many adventures in kiwiland.... I feel especially fortunate to have been the 'sole fisher person' to have caught a fish and 'lassoed' another on the same line bu his tail!!! once again, many thanks for the memories and fond camaraderie - we expect to see you & Diane in Missouri in the near future! Cheers to you both"
March 2005, Jim & Kathryn Downard, USA

"I caught a shark! Amazing experience, thanks for all."
February 2005 Sybille, Germany

"A wonderful trip, all the more memorable for the earthquake. 5.2 on the Richter scale. Good food, fun fishing, brilliant 'Captain Chris'
February 2005, Jude & Peter, London

"Words can't describe this experience, Beyond our wildest dreams, Thanks Chris."
February 2005, Pete & Margaret Bryan, Devon England

"Absolutely Outstanding A++++, Thanks Chris."
February 2005 Tony & Marian Bryan, Hudson MA, USA

"Superb trip - there is no substitute for someone who both knows and loves what he does - top quality Chris."
February 2005, Tom Chapman, UK

"We loved it! thanks for the beautiful experience."
January 2005, Ute & Angela, Berlin Germany

"Just sweat as.....Chris has life sorted! Thanks for a superb trip, Fab food & lots of smiles."
January 2005, David Forbes, Bristol UK

"After 3 trips to New Zealand spanning almost 30 yrs, we have discovered "Serendipity" - why so late? Beautiful weather dissipate pessimist's predictions."
January 2005, Noelene & Mike King,

"Peaceful cruise with delicious Seafood, Thanks."
January 2005 Kurt, Switzerland

"Wonderful to see a Kiwi showing the world "our best", Well done Chris"
January 2005, David, Pip, Sam & Tom Barker, NZ

"What a beautiful way to spend Christmas! Thanks for a fantastic trip, fishing & the dolphins."
December 2004, Sari & PJ, Toronto Canada

"Chris & Diane - Thank you for this magical experience the waterfalls were amazing - thanks to the rain. Chris, you are a great host - so informative, great Captain & fantastic chef! Dolphin experience is a definite highlight of our 12 month trip. We we will tell everyone about "The Flyer", & the 5* experience. Thanks again for such amazing memories to reflect on. Happy Holidays."
December 2004 Lisa & John, Northhampton England

"Best trip of our lives."
December 2004, Pamela & Brett Harrison, Fiordland Promotion winners NZ

"Chairs up on the top deck thanks Chris"
December 2004, Paige Toomer, ChCh New Zealand

"A chef with his own boat - best restaurant MV FLYER."
December 2004, Lisa Sadler, Te Anau NZ

"A superb way to get an intimate, personalized glimpse of this gorgeous piece of New Zealand. The dolphins playing in the wake of the boat was a highlight, and, of course all the drama of the capture of the Mako Shark made for some extra excitement. Thank you for the fishing, the lovely supper & for just being your sweet self Chris. We had a wonderful time on the Flyer."
November 2004, Carolyn & Judy, Minneapolse Minnesotta, USA

"This is going to enter our list of Fabulous Top 10 trips across the world. Open water & big waves were the biggest fun. Poor Chris, still has to wait for a complaint. We can't find him one. Fantastic trip."
November 2004 Micha Bonn, Thailand

"Being under the waterfall was amazing"
November 2004, Michelle, OZ

"AWESOME! very happy honeymooners!"
"Ten foot tall and bullet proof is right - Thanks"
November 2004, Becca & Peter Dautermann, San Francisco

"We can't say enough good things about our trip aboard "flyer". Beautiful scenery, amazing food, fantastic wildlife. 83 knots of wind takes some beating, fairly scary actually, and a real wild ride. Chris is a star and the perfect host. Thank you so much. We'll be spreading the word- and hope to be back some time!! XX"
November 2004, Rebekah & Michael Aiston, South Africa

"Fiordland in the rain at it's best! Great thanks to Chris for the delicious food & wonderful sights!! Looking forward to returning with the dive gear."
October 2004, Tim & Christi Doyl, Monterey,CA

"A BIG thank you to Chris & Diane for a memorable experience, our trip has been exceptional, yesterday all that we did and were lucky to see, great fun catching our supper (not the venison we didn't catch that) and the dolphins this morning, the beautiful misty views and the big one that got away. You deserve a write up in the best of guide books. Good luck & our best wishes to you both."
October 2004, Hellen & Alan Thacker, Buckinghamshire England

"A truly wonderful experience to be able to explore this wilderness in a great boat with a great skipper & food. Hope to come back for longer!"
October 2004, Simon & Lisa Hein, South Australia

"What a great day, full of surprises, sighting seals, penguins, oyster birds, crayfish. You turned it on for us, thank you Chris!"
October 2004, Lyn & Garry Gillies, New South Wales, Australia

"I caught a blue cod and a groper as well as some bait! We woke up to the first snow of winter! Shags were awesome, the bird variety, that is!!! Dolphins say no more!!! Crayfish for lunch, venison 4 tea - you are an excellent cook - rather chef Chris. You could never have appreciated the tranquility of this place with 70 other people around you."
March 2004, Julie & Dave, NZ (ex UK)

"Nature in his misty glory, fishing 4 the first time, delicious meal, dolphins....loved it."
March 2004, Fin, Belgium

"Thanks a lot for the unforgettable, beautiful trip. Best food in the world, great fishing and spectacular dolphins! We'll never forget."
March 2004, Chantal & Theo, Holland

""Chris, Thanks so much for the most fantastic trip! It has made our trip to NZ even more wonderful! You have a wonderful and personal trip to offer people and you should never alter the experience! Thanks again for making our honeymoon even more special and unforgetable."
February 2004, Leisa & Claudio (the newly weds), UK

"Outstanding experience with the best crayfish we had, great skipper will highly recommend this trip."
February 2004, Renate & Gerhard Henkel, Germany

"Chris brought a new meaning to Captain Cook!!!! came on recommendation from 4 Aussies Thanks."
February 2004, Shirley & John Lewer, England

"The real New Zealand with an unreal guy! Best holiday we have ever been on! Many thanks Chris."
December 2003, Scott & Michelle Parkin, UK